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images cougar deterrent

The smaller a person is and the higher the pitch of their voice, the more appealing they are to the cougar. How about you send a few over my way to eat my deer. Did a neat job. He learned what pain was. Not advisable, not advisable.

  • Common Sense Precautions for Coexisting with Cougars
  • Cougar Safety Tips

  • A cougar's strength and powerful jaws allow it to take down and drag prey larger . Although dogs offer little value as a deterrent to cougars, they may distract a. If you need an effective mountain lion, bobcat, or cougar repellent that is humane, environmentally friendly, and easy to use, Nite Guard has the solution for you.

    Common Sense Precautions for Coexisting with Cougars

    Mountain lions may be frightened away and deterred from homes, ranches and farms by using noise, Mountain lion face in the shadow of a chain link fence.
    Originally posted by FrenchOsage Sleep outside for a few nights with some motion detectors and area lights. Look for a very long thick tail as an obvious cougar trait. If you have nothing they want, they won't be coming around at all or as much at least.

    Until he ran into tiddles the one eyed cat. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

    images cougar deterrent
    If I could not kill it I think I would try to drive off.

    Cougar Safety Tips

    The funny thing is we have never smelled any urine or seen any scat so I'm thinking it was probably a one time visit. I live in a swamp and its full of all kinds of critters, unless it dries out, then they migrate toward other water sources, like small ponds, lakes and rivers.

    Ammonia used to get rid of raccoons, it worked. He learned what pain was.

    Wooden staff and pepper spray? If there's no potential food for a mountain lion on your property odds are good it was a random visit not likely to be repeated.

    Taking simple precautions in cougar country can easily prevent conflicts. The main prey of cougars is deer, and cougar numbers are higher in areas Consider fencing play areas—cougars are deterred by high fencing (10 feet).

    Video: Cougar deterrent Dual Cougar Attack in Northern Alberta

    Feb 4, As most readers are probably aware, a cougar (aka mountain lion) Interestinglydogs are not seen as a deterrent to mountain lion attacks.
    While visiting a wildlife sanctuary recently, I was amazed at the sudden change in demeanor of a certain cougar when our group approached his cage.

    If it starts pumping its hind feet - just like a domestic cat - it may be preparing to jump.

    You may have to kill it. The house across the creek from us raises sheep. Keep Fluffy and Fido indoors if you live in cougar territory and don't count on Killer being able to scare off a big cat while hiking. If they have no fear of you, then you can mark all day long, and they will pay no heed.

    images cougar deterrent
    Cougar deterrent
    The DNR doen't like to admit it or to deal with it.

    Look for a very long thick tail as an obvious cougar trait.


    Hope it all works out. The young coyote never feared cats, They was always an easy meal….

    images cougar deterrent

    Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Cougars tend not to expend too much energy on one kill, so there's a good chance it will give up if you are a grown adult and you give it all you've got.

    images cougar deterrent

    We built the damned road in their woods

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    1. We may put up more lights though. All of this can be waterproofed with simple enclosures like old ammo boxes or outdated fuse enclosures, just leave an open area on the bottom to let any moisture back out that does get in.

    2. If you happen upon a deer or elk partially covered in the snow or beneath leaves and dirt, leave the area immediately because a cougar has probably buried it and will come back later for more. Scan your surroundings while hiking, checking overhead ledges and brush and look behind you occasionally.